Premier League Transfer Window: Winners/Losers (So Far)

The new campaign starts in less four weeks. Who’s helped or hurt themselves the most so far this summer?

With the Euros and Copa America behind us, it is finally time to dive back into club soccer. I love international play as much as the next soccer-obsessive psycho, but watching the Euros in the morning and Copa in the evening was starting to test the boundaries of my personal relationships.

Besides, while international tournaments uniquely stoke the (sometimes literal) flames of national pride, players and fans spend the majority of the year immersed in the day-to-day drama of club soccer. Ultimately, the summer’s big tournaments were merely a distraction, a bridge, a methadone patch to tide us over until the good stuff is back in stock.

And MOTHER OF GOD the Premier League has a lot of money to spend on the good stuff.

The European transfer market took something of a siesta during the tournaments — at least coverage of it did — but now that everyone has some spare time, let’s dive in. Full disclosure, there’s a Paul Pogba-sized caveat hanging over the proceedings; he is the Kevin Durant of world football at the moment. But there have been big moves from benches all the way up to coaches, and we’re about halfway through the transfer window, so let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers in the Premier League (so far).

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